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Specialty Services

Specialty Extras (price is by estimate unless specified)

  • Wet Sanding - To remove light scratches and also to remove orange
    peel finish from freshly painted cars
  • Decal, Sticker Removal - Paint or vinyl
  • Paint finish restoration
  • Road Paint Removal
  • Window Tint Removal
  • Headlight Lens Restoration ($50.00 per pair)
  • Leather reconditioning and dying
  • Excessive pet hair removal
  • Water spot removal
  • Tree sap removal
  • Overspray removal
  • Stone chip and minor blemish touch up painting
  • Minor upholstery repair
  • Custom cleaning of any kind

Specialty Vehicles


Acid wash below water line (scum line)            $5 per foot

Open bow full detail with marine paint sealant
and uv protectant vinyl conditioner                  $13 per foot

Closed bow, full detail with with marine paint sealant
and uv protectant vinyl conditioner, all cabin
compartments cleaned out                                                $16 per foot

Teak restoration and oiling                                                By Estimate


Basic wash - Wash & dry, exterior windows                    $3 per foot
Rims and tires cleaned

Waxing, buffing and interior cleaning                              By Estimate


Hand washing, chrome polishing, exterior paint         Starting at $75
buffing and waxing


If you don't see what you need, just ask!


We want to make it as convenient as possible for you to get your vehicle serviced.
Just ask us and we will do our best to accomodate your needs. 

$29 Pick-Up Service in Libertyville, IL.  Pick-up and delivery
available in other areas for a minor fee (avg $39).


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