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Why Detail?

The Benefits of Detailing

Regular Preventative Maintenance

Many feel detailing is a luxury, but it really should be considered
part of the regular maintenance on your vehicle.  With cold winters,
hot summers, road salt & bugs, Chicago's climate can pose a
challenge for keeping your vehicle's finish in top condition.  Having
a professional wash & wax your vehicle every three months will help
keep the paint in excellent condition.  Without a coat of wax on your
vehicle, your car is exposed to harmful UV rays, road grime, salt, acid
rain, etc.  Over time, this will cause your paint to oxidize and may lead
to corrosion & rust.  Additionally, waxing your vehicle a few times per
year drastically increases the resale value of your car.  On average,
an interior and exterior detail can boost the resale value by 10% to 15%.
So if you are selling your car for $10,000, that could be an extra $1000
to $1500 in your pocket!

The feeling of a freshly detailed car

Remember the first time you drove your new vehicle?  A professional
detail can restore that "brand new" feeling to your vehicle.  Instead of
dreading to drive a dull, dirty, & funky smelling car, a detail can completely
change your relationship with your car.  A polish and wax can give your
vehicle that deep gloss shine that will attract admiration from all who
see you cruise by.  With an immaculate interior, you will no longer feel
the need to apologize for your unkempt car when giving rides to others.
Instead, you will receive countless complements on a spotless interior.

Neglected cars can be a safety hazard

Dirty windows and mirrors can severely decrease visibility, making driving
hazardous.  This is especially true when the sun is shining directly onto
your windshield.  A winter's worth of road salt and deicer can cause streak
marks, creating a haze that decreases visibility.  Also, oxidized and cloudy
headlights are extremely dangerous and can diminish light output by up
to 80%.  Our headlight restoration services can restore your night vision
without costly headlight replacement.


Increase your resale value

  • The cleaner your car is, the greater its
    value will be at the end of a lease
    or trade-in

  • Detailing your car at the time of
    inspection can save you from paying
    unnecessary penalty fees


We want to make it as convenient as possible for you to get your vehicle serviced.
Just ask us and we will do our best to accomodate your needs. 

$29 Pick-Up Service in Libertyville, IL.  Pick-up and delivery
available in other areas for a minor fee (avg $39).


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